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iPiJFJJ^ L L § P EC T R OJWiiii 



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Change During OniiF 


safety information 

About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed 
to certafn visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear 
in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may 
have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic 
seizures" while watcfiing video games. 

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including ligfitheadedness, 
altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, 
disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also 
cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to Injury from falling 
down or stril<ing nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these 
symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above 
symptoms— children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience 
these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther 
from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well- 
lit room, and not playing when you are drovusy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a 
doctor before playing. 

other important Health and Safety information TheXbox Instrurtion Manual 
contains important health and safety information that you should read and 
understand before using this software. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

DO not use with certain televisions, some televisions, especially front- or rear- 
projection types, can he damaged if any video games, including xbox games, are 
played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of gameplay may 
"burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static image to appear 
at all times, even when video games are not being played. Similar damage may occur 
from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult 
your television owner's manual to determine if video games can be played safely on 
your set. If you are unable to find this information in the owner's manual, contact 
your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine if video games can be played 
safely on your set. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, 
pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 

THQ inc. 27001 Agoura Road, Suite 270, Calabasas Hills, California 91301 

m 2004 pantiemlc studios. iLC- All Rights Reserved, Pi 

MOUT: Military Operations in Urban Terrain 

ou command a dismounted light infantry squad, a liighly train 

group of soldiers wiio understand how to operate in a hostiiej 

highly populated environment. Everything about your squad— fro 

I its sotdiers to its equipment to its tactics— is the result of careful'; 

p! planning and years of experience on the battlefield. Respect that^ 

I experience, soldier; since it's what will keep your soldiers alive. : 

1^ This field manual provides you Wfith the basics to get you started| 
|i The rest you'll pick up in hands-on training. | 

The Fireteams 

'our squad has two teams, Alpha and Bravo. You'll use these ty 
I teams together to move safely through dangerous environmehu> 
that would be deadly for a single team. 

Each team has four soldiers in distinct positions. They have been 
taught to work together, each with assigned duties and set scannlr< 
sectors. Your job is not to tell each man his responsibilities on th^ 
team, we spent years training them so you can focus on larger is| 

Team Leader (TL) 

The Team Leader is the highest ranking infantryman on your teant 
He's an experienced soldier who has served in all three fireteam i 
He issues commands to the team: both the commands you give ai 
other spontaneous commands that will save his men's lives unde 
fire. YourlL performs several special functions explained later in I 
guide, including checking corners, reporting to the platoon leader/ant 
consulting the Global Positioning System. 

Automatic Rifleman (AR) 

i The Automatic Rifleman, or SAW gunner; wields the M249 squad } 

I Automatic Weapon. The AR has field experience, and steps up as ' 

' Team Leader if the TL is incapacitated. In addition, the high power" 

SAW enables the AR to tie down enemies and help your team mo 

safely under fire. j 

M203 Gunner or Grenadier (G) 

The IVI203 Gunner carries an M class rifle with the M203 Grenade 
Launcher attachment. This enables him to fire normal rounds as v 

'r as more specialized, powerful M203 shaped charges. He can sene 
these grenades down-range much farther than a soldier can thro^ 
frag grenades, and they can take down an enemy's cover with a ; 

: single strike. f 

OUT: Military Operations in Urban Terrain 

Rifleman (R) W 

3 Rifleman has the least experience of soldiers on the fireteam. But 
n't underestimate him— he's had extensive training. The Rifleman 
is rounds from his M class rifle where you direct him, and he al^ 
es aid to downed soldiers in the field. ^1 

Your Soldiers— Alpha Team 

name: "Iron Man" 

'ltion:Team Leader 

Ethnicity: Cuban-American 

:own: Miami, FL 

■cation: AA, Sports Kfledicine 

-rs in Service; 10 

lyiarital status; Married, 2 Kids 

> Sgt. Wlendez, Santiago Garcia 

|''lron Man" Mendez and his brother ar 
pirst-generation Americans born to ^| 
* Cuban immigrants, who he credits wif' 
instilling his strong work ethic and dri 
to better himself and his community. 
His decision to go into the service wa 
based on a burning desire to see the 
world, and a convenient way to excu£„ 
himself from taking over the family .1 
business without hurting his old man', 
feelings. He married a female Army '' 
private during his third year. They hav) 
two children. He is a fiercely protectly 
but loving father, a trait which comesi 
through in dealing with his squad. He; 
a born athlete and avid bodybuilder. ; 

lUtomatic Rifleman 

nicity: African American 

Ppl- Devereux, Andre Ellis 

;rawdaddy Devereux had a typical 
Durban middle class upbringing, 
|ete with tittle league, summer f 
i. and a trip to Orlando, Florida | 
SWhen he was ten. That was the sumr"" 
before he lost his mother to cancer, q 
His father, a successful real estate agi' 
managed to raise his two boys with j 
the help of the extended Devereux 1 
family. On the advice of a close cousin 
(also serving in the U.S. Army) Andre 

Your Soldiers — Alpha Team 

Education: AA, Restaurateur 

Years in Service: 4 

Marital Status: single. Engage 

investigated college tuition via military .. 
service. Promising to both pay for his 
school and help whip him into physical 
shape, Crawcjaddy joined the Army w/ith 
his famify's blessing, He has a passion 
for CajLtn cooking and hopes to open a 
restaurant after this tour of zeklstan. 

Nickname: "Philiy" 

Position: M203 Gunner 

Eliinlcity: Caucasian 
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Education: HS Diploma 

years In service: 2 

irital status: single 

Position: Rifle; 

Ethnicity: Arab American 
Hometown; Burbanl<, CA 

f PFC Silverman. Alexander Isaac 

"PhlNy" and his three sibfings come i 
from a fractured home in a rough pj 
of tow/n. His parents divorced when? 
was ten and his mother remarried tv 
years later to a strict disciplinarian with 
serious Issues towards his two step 
sons, PhlNy's real father was arrested 
for insurance fraud and is continuall: 
and out of prison for various scams;« 
He Joined the Army to get away from - 
his domineering step father. It's his own ' 
typical dumb fuck that another war 
would break out while he was enlisted. 
Silverman is Alptia team's resident 


Stiehadt led an upper middle-class life 
in Southern California before graduatin" 
: with high marks and a bright future. iM 
:: took a year off to travel the Middle Em 
;■ and visit extended family, which further 
solidified one thing in Asher's mind: he's 
an American kid, through and through. 
Although he finds aspects of his pare^'?- 
culture fascinating and takes pride irtaf 
heritage, he is also a proud American 
and considers himseif no different 'M 
from any other Southern California gt^. 
Despite a healthy trust fund, Asher has 

itlon: 2 yrs. Prt 

Ital Status: Single 

something to prove and attempted to 
pay his own way through school. Afte 
his second year, his funds ran dry and 
he was forced to explore other optioii 
with an interest in international !aw,^ 
'saw the Army as a good way to bette| 
himself and gain valuable experience^ 
his career. Rabbit is a strict vegetariart 
He has practical knowledge of several 
Middle Eastern dialects. I 

lUr Soldiers — Bravo Team 

■Jion: Team Leader 

;jiclty: African American 

tetovun: New York, NY 

ition; POST Certified 

dfs in Sen/Ice: 15 (reserve) 

irital Status; Married, 2 Kids 

gt. Williams, Eric Lewis 

"^^"^ther was a New York fireman i 
pS mother a nurse. He grew up ii 
iJlt suburb outside of New York CI] 
and was a latch-key kid for much of J 
his youth. As an adult he continued tif 
family tradition by first joining the Ant 
then earning his POST certificate at tf| 
police academy. He served as a street 
cop for over fifteen years, doing his or 
weekend a month as an Army reseru^ 
He was patrolling his regular beat in • 
Brooklyn on September 11th and sper 
the next 24 hours just trying to get ciG 
enough to ground zero to help. A few; 
weeks later, he was called up for activ, 
duty in Afghanistan, then Iraq, and no\/ii* 
Zekistan. He was especially helpful in 
Baghdad controlling rioters and policing 
the city— it reminded him very much 
of his beat in Bushwick. On or off the J 
battlefield, Williams is 100% cop, throiJ 
and through. 1 

Your Soldiej 

Nickname: "Nova" 

Position: Automatic Rifleman 

Etilnicity: Irisln-ltalicin 
Hometown: Newarit, NJ 
Education: H$ Dipioms 

Years in Service: 4 

Marital Status: Single 

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Hometown: Helena, MT 

Education: HS Diploma 
'^srstn Service: 3 

Marital Status; rwan 

Cp(. Picoli, Michael Francis 

"Nova" Picoli grew up in a crowded 
liousehold with four older sisters— ills 
parents kept trying until they got a boy. 
Being the only boy in the house, his older 
sisters used him as their default dance 
partner and taught him how to swing 
dance with the best of them. He also 
learned to sew, cook, and make a mean 
double-chocolate fudge brownie. Nova- 
short for "Cassanova"— was rarely without 
one or two girlfriends (simultaneously) 
in school, a habit that he has carried into 
adulthood. After graduation, he struggled 
to become a singer or actor, fell deeply in 
debt and eventually joined the Army with 
his best friend. He somehow managed 
to avoid any actual combat in the Middle 
East for almost four years; his friend was 
wounded by a landmine in Baghdad and 
discharged from service. Nova has an R- 
rated mouth and a wicked sense of humor. 

n PFC ShimenskI, David Daniel 

David ShimenskI Is the youngest of 
two boys. His father is a sheriff deputy 
in Helena, while his mother works 
g as a dispatcher. Breaking with family 
tradition, David decided from an early 
age that he would rather join the 
military than law enforcement (they get 
to carry bigger guns). A typical boy, he 
was obsessed with war movies, action 
figures, and realistic computer war 
games. He Is a member of the NRA and 
an avid game hunter, like his father For 
the past three years, he has served as a 
buck private. He married his high school 
sweetheart shortly before shipping out 
to boot camp, and was sent to Iraq for 
peace keeping duties before they could 

even take a honeymoon. Delta Boy? 
has high aspirations of going to Rah 
School and joining special Forces I 
someday. Unfortunately, enthusiasi 
cannot take the place of skill, if an^fl 
is guaranteed to say the wrong thiri 
at the wrong time, it's Delta Boy. 'j 

Jpkname: "Gidgef 

Hometown: Honolulu, HI 

Position: Rifleman 

Etiinicity: Polynesian 
Education: HS Diploma 

Years in Service: 1 

iviarttal Status: Single 

Ota, Samuel Jay 

is the middle child (he has a yot 
and older sister) of a single-workinj 
mother in Honolulu. Growing up, he | 
was a bright, personable kid, curiou" 
about everything and prone to gettii 
into trouble. Of his two other sibling 
he is the primary reiason for most Oi 
mother's gray hairs. He has two lovfa 
in his life— his computer and his car He 
is a compulsive hacker on both and an 
avid gamer After graduating high sc 
(just barely) he joined the Army wit! 
hopes of studying computer sciencL 
As it turned out, he scored so high in 
infantry training that he was left with 
little choice but to be a rifleman, a 

The Conflict 

devastating wave of terrorist attacks spreads across Europe and ' 
southeast Asia, targeting specifically U.S. and U.K. Interests, including ' 
embassies, regional corporate headquarters, and even western retail and 
restaurant chains. After months of intense hunting, U.S. intelligence tracks 
the source of the attacks to the tiny eastern nation of Zekistan. 

After the U.S.-led operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, thousands of 
ex-Taliban and Iraqi loyalists crossed the borders of zekistan seeking 
asylum by invitation of the nation's dictator, Al Afad. It wasn't long 

before the same terrorist training facilities and death-camps that the 
U.S. fought to remove in Afghanistan were operating again under full 
sponsorship by Al Afad's government. After repeated warnings and 
failed diplomatic resolutions in the UN, NATO votes to invade Zek^ 
to depose Al Afad, eliminate the terrorist element, ancf H 

stop the ethnic cleansing of the Zeki people. 

Pakistan grants the U.S. fly-thfough access to their airspace, and _^^ 
the operation begins. i=or several consecutive nights, carrier grouMJ 
USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan in the Arabian sea launc' 
thousands of sorties to take out air defense, armor, and enemy bi 
with the dust barely settled, infantry and Armor from seven NATt 
nations begin to land at captured air bases in southern Zekistan. 
The land Invasion is underway... 

Profile: Mohammad Jabbour Al Afad 

A I Afad was born in Lebanon before the war to wealthy parent 
who sent him to study abroad. He spent time growing up in , 
England, France, and eventually attended university in the U.S. 
sometime in the late seventies, Al Afad moved to Pakistan. His 
whereabouts during this time are unknown, but he resurfaced thr ' 
years later in Afghanistan, fighting the Soviet occupiers alongside s 
Afghan Mujahideen. Trained by the CIA he swiftly climbed the ranks ' 
of the Afghan freedom fighters and gained a formidable reputation 
amongst the Soviet commanders, earning the nickname "The Lion.^ 
of Khyber". A narrow escape from soviet capture found him fleeiri 
across the border into Zekistan where he was embraced by the ZL 
and given command of his own unit. His actions in the ZLF made i 
folk hero to the zekis, but his bid for power was hindered by westi 
involvement. The CIA had watched Al Afad's assent closely, and fd 
that his ties to terrorist groups and radical fundamentalists woulds 
prove perilous to western interests in the region. * • 

Reign of Terror 

s soon as Al Afad seized control of Zekistan, he began a 
—Steady process of converting the country to his own brand o. 
ndamentalist worship, while many foreign settlers were driven.^ 
..Id persecuted, the group that fared by far the worst was the etti 

zekis, the nomadic mountain people that had originally settled the ': 
region thousands of years ago. During the Soviet occupation, Al Afad 
accused the ethnic Zekis of serving their o"wn interests and aiding 
the Soviets. In 1996, the UN met to discuss the allegations that Al 
Afad was ordering genocide of the ethnic zeki males and sponsoring 
forced sterilization of ethnic Zeki women. 

The UN agreed to levy sanctions against the country, which resulted 
In little more than exacerbating the already dangerous levels of 
poverty and famine that were sweeping the country. 

Geopolitical Intelligence Report: Zekistan 

ov of the War on Terror, by 

A Cultural Crossroads 

.he tiny desert nation of Zekistan is nestled between modern 
_j day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China, occupying an arid land?! 
of desert plains and rugged mountains. Once a cultural crossroa^ 
it has been located at the edge of Arab, Chinese, Indian and Euroi 
civilization for three thousand years and has served as a meeting 
place for scholars, merchants, pilgrims, and invaders. Its history 
has always been punctuated fay violence and bloodshed. At various 
points it has been conquered by the Mongols, Alexander the Great, 
the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Turks and the British Empire. 
The greatest threat, however, emerged In 1917 with the Boishevik 
Revolution. Just as the October Revolution signaled doom to the 
Romanov Empire, so did it cast a foreboding shadow over zekistan 
and Its neighbors, it wasn't long before the tiny nation was absorbed 
fcto the Soviet union, occupied by yet another foreign army 

Tlie Soviet Era 

'he ethnic zekis proved to be ferocious mountain fighters, 
I and for fourteen years they managed to hold off the soviet 
Invaders. The resistance movement resulted in artificial famine, the 
removal of entire villages and the destruction of a cultural Identity. 
Once under the yoke of Soviet rule, the U.S.S.R. made sure that the 
zeki rebels would never stand a chance of reorganizing. 

nding for agriculture, education, industry and infrastructure wa. 

riiously low, while the Soviets used Zeklstan as a veritable slavl 
fnp to mine the region's ricf! deposits of coal, zinc, silver and § 
"turat gas. tt w/asn't until the late 60's that the zekistan Liberatioii 
bnt was secretly formed and began waging guerilla warfare against 
"3 Soviets. For twenty years the ZLF and Soviet Army launched ti| 
f-tat retaliatory strikes against one another as the zekis attempi 
iSeek tnternational support for ttieir plight, in the eariy 80's, the! 
bvided training and funding to the ZLF while simultaneously aidii 
ieriilas in Afghanistan, hoping to squeeze the Soviets out of | 
I region from both sides. L 

loilWar 9 

ft December of 1991, zekistan awoke to find itself an independ^ 
snatlon once again. With the dissolution of the Soviet union, the -fl 
iy country was at the center of a power vacuum with Pakistan, fl 
phanistan and China ail maneuvering to seize land and resourced 
I itself. To make matters worse, old rivalries and cultural differences 
Itween the various ethnic tribes and foreign settlers began to 
gurface as at least a dozen factions and splinter groups attempted, 
passert control of the fledgling republic. The power scramble S 
iulted in a decade long civif war, with guerilla leader Mohammaf^ 
Ibour Al-Afad and his Mujahideen fighters reigning supreme. 

he HUD 

e Heads Up Display on your command screen is your interface i 
;the world and your soldiers. It gives yon information about youi 
pad's status and limited information about enemy combatants.' 
iderstanding the HUD and using it to your advantage is key to : 
Ccess in the field. 

Soldier Selector | 

e soldier selector is on the bottom left corner of the screen. It % 
aps the four soldiers on each team to the four directions on you 
pad. Pressing in a direction selects that soldier and moves the ■; 

Select a soldier if he has a better view of the action. You can issue 

commands to the team from any soldier. 

Info Bar 

fe info Bar at the bottom of the screen'updates to show you 
formation as needed. By default, it displays the currently selectf 
5m. When you select a soldier, the info har displays his name, arf 
!| also display the name of a soldier who has been injured. J 
f ^i 

^Formation Icon 

te small square on the bottom right of the HUD displays informa[ 
out the formation your team will assume when it moves to the^ 
llected location, under certain circumstances, other icons may i 
jpear in this section of the HUD as well. If you are in a position tf" 
ve your progress, the save-game icon will display (see page 24 f 
[ore information}. If you are in a CASEVAC position, a cross icon \ 
'jplay (see page 25 for more information). If the following icon <§'. 
Splayed, it means you cannot move your team to the Intended area. 
® appears, it means you cannot move your team to the intended 
%a until first completing certain in-game objectives. 


e ammo Indicator above the team Selector indicates the percentage 
lammo remaining for the currentiy selected team. Suppression fire 
Ihausts more ammo than point fire, so use it carefully! wnen a team Is 
ihning low on ammo, you can bring them to a CASEVAC for resupply 
Idescribed in the CASEVAC section later in this guide. 

The Compass 

ur compass is dispSayed across the top of the screen. It updates al 
u rotate the camera to indicate the direction you're currently facin" 
dition, it has markers on it to represent different mission goals. ;| 

, , , Blue triangles point toward your current mission objective locatic 

'*"■■ Sed triangles point toward soldiers who have been incapacit' 
' and are waiting for your team to aid them, and remove thenl 
! from ttie field of combat. "^ 

Red triangles with a cross symbol point toward the closest 
CASEVAC, or treatment facility When you're carrying an 
incapacitated soldier, this marker will appear. 

Objective Information 

then the objective marker on the compass is centered on your HUD, 
^U can get more information. The distance readout tells you how far 
/ay the objective marker is, in meters. The objective text gives you 
fbrief description of your current goal relating to the objective. 

sessing the Environment 

lyeral tools iet you become better aware of your environment ai 
itential risks to your soldier 

le Camera 

jving the right thumbstick lets you rotate the camera to get a 360 
^ree view on the world. This is especially important at corners, ,^ 
.ere turning the camera means you can look around the corner; 

s.u can zoo 
.trigger. Y( 

Zooming can also help you aim the M203 toward distant targets. 

g Of War 

Sen you pull and hold the 13 trigger, you activate the 3D fog ofwSl 
p world is clear and bright where a soldier is looking, and out of fp; 
ireas where no one is scanning for targets. By checking the fog 0^ 
|r, you can get a good idea of where you're vulnerable to attack. 1 

.ommands Overview 

lling and holding the Ek trigger also puts you in individual ; 

jnmand mode, explained in individual Fire Orders {page 23). j 

iu issue most commands in Full Spectrum Warrior" using the four 
lln buttons. Each button has a press function as weil as a press 
id hold function. The press and hold function is a more advanced or 
feciafized version of the press function. 

Y button 
s button 
X button 
A button 

- Slack button 

- White buti 
.Right J 

:k button 
RT button 

. ire Sector 
■Switch Teams 

pound or Suppress Fire 

|bke cover 


Switch to Charlie te4__ 

Jissues an order based on which cursor you currently 

have open. See Cursors, on page 14. tf you press and hold the 
button, you'll issue the alternate version of the order, stili based oi 
the current cursor. i 

The e button cancels an order you've issued to a team. It is context ' 
sensitive, so pressing the button while a team is firing cancels M"" 
fire, and pressing the button while a team is moving cancels tl^ 
move order. Pressing and holding the button issues the Take c9 
order, which causes soldiers to search for the closest cover agairw 
threat, or go prone if there is no cover. fl 

The "s button brings up the fire sector cursor, which lets you set '^ 
targets for your teams, if you press and hold the button, you can 
Issue orders relating to Grenades (explained in Grenades on page 21). 

The O button moves the camera and your control from Alpha team 
to Bravo team, or vice versa. At some points during your service as 
Squad Leader, you will gain command of a third team which will be 
called your Charlie team. Pressing and holding the O button switches 
you to controlling Charlie. jl 

Cursors m 

There are three cursor states in Full spectrum warrior, shown be^ 
The current cursor state determines what command you are issuH 
you press the : button. '■ 

The default state is no cursor. In t" 
state, pressing the : button will i 
your team to turn toward the dire 
you're facing. 

when you have the movement cursor 
active (o), pressing the button i 
issue a Rush order to that locat!oi| 
where your soldiers will take up t^ 
formation indicated. If you press aij 
hold the button, the soldiers wl| 
Bound rather than Rush, as detail^ 
the section "Moving Your Soldiers^ 
this guide. I 



©1 , 

wnen you nave tne tire sector « 
; cursor active (©) (by pressing lir i.^um 
< button), pressing the button w^^H 
Issue a point fire order, if you preg^^f 
and hold the button, you will i^^^| 
:a suppression fire order instead. :^^^| 
vthe "Fire Orders" section for mor^^H 
information. '^^^| 


Moving Your Soldiers 

Moving safely in the environment is the most Important element of ; 
successful command. The soldiers on your teams have been trained: : 
in movement formations, so your role is to select the best positi^T 
for them on the field. They will automatically move to the formaW 
selected and take up their scanning sectors, each man covering;M 
arc of view 9 

Movement Cursor " 

Moving the left thumbstick brings out the movement cursor. You can : 
continue to use the left thumbstick to move the cursor around the 
environment. The movement cursor continually updates to show you> 
the formation a team will take when it reaches the destination. % 
formation information is conveyed to you in two ways. * 

Formation Circles 1 

The circles that make up the movement cursor show exactly wh! 
your soldiers will stand In the environment. The bright yeliow 
circle shows where your Team Leader will stand, which is valuab 
information since placing your Team Leader at a corner enables j 
to corner fire. For more information about firing from corners ant 
other cover objects, see the "Cover" section in this guide. 

Formation tcon 

When the movement cursor is at a position that offers good cover i 
for your soldiers, you will see an icon of the formation at the bott^ 
right corner of your HUD. Possible formations include: . Ji 

> ^»A'# T n* ■» <■»!'> ly i»j tw 4 K'i^'i 


Corner (o): A corner formation is one of 
the most powerful formations for protecting 
your men. Linfortunateiy, wliile corners are 
very safe positions, oniy two men on your 
team will be abie to point fire, which limits.. . , 
your strength. M 

Cover Object, Line (o): Here, your soldiers 
will line up in a row along the cover object. 
This means all four soldiers will be able to , 
fire at the target. M 

Cover Object, Stack (O): In contrast to th^ 
Cover Object, Line formation, this icon mej 
your soldiers will stack (or form two rows) 
the cover object. Depending on the height 
the object, you may have all four soldiers a 
to fire, or only two of them. ij 

ice they receive a Bound order, the soldiers will move into posit 
e first two soldiers will start toward the destination while the r^ 
b soldiers provide cover fire. Once the first two soldiers finish tj 
ovement, they cover the rear soldiers' move, when soldiers fire? 
pile Bounding, they automatically suppress to keep the target's,; 
jaddown. -J 

|te that Bounding is very unsafe if there are enemies who are f 

h far apart to be in the same fire sector If you Bound under the^ 

Jrcumstances, you are very likely to lose one of your soldiers, .j 


ihe team covering, other 
^ lam moves 

Enemies in same fire sector 
or unknown enemies 

^Enemies not in the same 

Best Move 

Get your other team—it is , 
unsafe to move a team by itj 
under these conditions! 

^iuntling Versus Rushing m 

p standard press version of a move order is the Rush. It is the .1 
Itest way to move since all four soldiers move toward the 
stination simultaneously. Well trained U.S. soldiers never fire a 
^apon without stopping their movement and going sighted (raising 
^ gun to a firing position), in other words, Rushing soldiers never 
I while moving, so they will not engage targets until they finish ^ 
pve and you issue a fire order 1 

i hold version of a move order is the Bounding Overwatch or 
iiind. Bounding is the safest way to move when your team is going 
b unknown territory or moving against one or more enemies that 
I close together because your soldiers are sighted and return fire 
|they move, 

luing a bound order has two steps. First you press and hold the^ 
|button while the movement cursor is out to order the bound. This 
lomatically opens the fire sector cursor so you can set the area 
r your soldiers to cover, pressing the button again completes the 
iund order. 

Fire Orders 

Your soldiers are trained to wait for your orders before taking action 
If soldiers have cover against an enemy, they will not open fire until 
you give them an order. The only time your soldiers will open fire 
without waiting for your command is when their lives are in danger 
%. they don't have cover against a threat. .^ 

Fire Sector Cursor 

Pressing the button opens the fire sector cursor, which you car| 
reposition using the left thumbstick. Al! enemies within the circle. 
are considered to be within the fire sector Note, however, that thi 
number of enemies that actually come under fire when you issue 
order varies depending on your team's formation and the type of 
rder you issue, as explained on page 18. ;;J 



►iirt Fire Orders 1 

essing the button when the fire sector cursor is open issues " 
soint fire order in that directiors. A point fire order causes your 
ildiers to open fire on enemies within that sector. They wili ignore 
iemies outside of that fire sector, even if those enemies are 
mooting at them. :* 

ildiers choose their targets carefully within the fire sector. They [ 
II choose targets out of cover first, since they can be eliminated! 
tmediately. They will also split their fire to take advantage of 
igagement {explained in the next section. Effects of Fire). If there 
s more than two enemies in a fire sector, however, some enemir^ 
i| not be under fire and will remain free to return firp atunur+c 

'If a team with a fire sector comes , .-^,..- 

and cancel the sector. They will return fire at the enemy, givt'ng yoi 
a few seconds to issue a move or suppression order to get them 
'ifiUt of danger. 

ou press and hold the '"• button when the fire sector cursor Is 
en, you issue a suppression fire command, ordering a team to I 
ppress causes them to fire continuously at all enemies within J 
1 sector, in order to get all four guns at maximum firing rate, yoii' 
Idlers will step out of cover to suppress the enemies. The result ;: 
pthat ail enemies within the fire sector will become Pinned, as j 
fciained in the next section. I 

Never order suppression if you can't fit all of the enemies into the 
fire sector. The team suppressing will lose cover, and enemies not in 
the fire sector will kill them. 

1 1 


Incoming fire can affect soldiers and enemies in three distinct way 

Under Fire 

Soldiers and enemies who are under fire have a reduced rate of fire 

because they are forced to duck behind cover at intervals. Other than 

the reduced firing rate, being under fire has no ottier consequence^ 

ong as soldiers have cover, ff they do not fiave cover, being und^ 

icauses soldiers to go prane and return fire. j 


fe advantage the U.S. Army has over most combatants is the ■ 
ensive training given to our soldiers. They have experience under fl 
i that experience lets them keep their cool and stay focused. Enem 
hbatants usually do not have that level of experience and as a resu 
ig under heavy fire causes the enemy to become unfocused. | 

_^5,;..^, I When three M class rifles or the SAW J 

II '■'^^j fires at an enemy that enemy becom^ 

—I' ^ Engaged. YOU can tell an enemy is ji 

r~ Engaged because he shows the Enga| 

,.^_^^,,* symboUO) in his indicaton Engaged 1 

' ■ -^ B. enemies will not shoot at anyone oth^ 

than the soldier engaging them, unless 

' ' they spot a team standing still withoul 

■ 1 cover, in other words, when one team^ 

,,,__._., „ — , Engaged, you can safely Rush the other team from one| 
piece of cover to the next, as long as you don't stop out in the open, j 

fcause of their training and expertise, your soldiers never 1 

Kjome Engaged. i 

t:r I Pinned J 

> Soldiers and enemies can come undj 

) extremely heavy fire. This occurs wil 

I heavy weapons, such as .50 caliber \ 

machine guns, BMPs or Bradleys, 1 

or when a unit suppresses with a j 

weapon on full or semi-automatic, j 

f Enemies show the pinned symbol {^ 

when they are under suppression or heavy weapon fire. When an i 
enemy is pinned, it means he is ducked down and will not return fir^ 
until several seconds after the heavy fire ceases. 1 

ffects of Fire 

Idlers under heavy fire also duck down and will not return fire. 


find an angle from which he has no cover 
against the team's fire. 


If you're desperate to move a team under enemy fire, suppress the 
enemy and place the movement cursor at the team's destination 
white the team is still firing. Issue the move order without cancelinL 
the suppression fire, and the team will "suppress and run." The 
enemy will keep his head down for a few seconds, which is often 
enough time for your team to reach safe ground. 

Using Cover Against Threats 

Successful performance in an urban setting requires you to assess 
and Interpret the environment. An important part of the environment 
Is the cover It provides for your soldiers. A team without cover cai| 
lose soldiers before you are even aware of enemy presence. I 

The formations displayed on the bottom right of your screen conf4 
when your team will enter cover at the end of a move. Note that 
cover Is directional— it only provides defense against enemies from » 
certain angles. J 

Mil,, a 

Cover Symbols 

When your team becomes aware of a threl 
icons over their heads (O) Indicate whether 
they have cover against that threat. If an 
enemy is shooting at your soldiers and you 

■;' I don't see the shield icon above their heads, it . 

-^ — ' means your soldiers don't have cover againsi; 
an enemy who is targeting them. ;" 

When an enemy has cover against the 
team you're controlling, the enemy shield, 
symbol appears over his head (©). In order 
to kill that enemy, you will have to find a 
position to flank him. Flanking an enemy 
means moving around the environment to 

Cover Degradation 

Not all cover Is created equal. Some objects degrade under fire. 
You can tell visually by watching the object react to bullet fire. 
^Efli^example, the Image below shows a car as it degrades from full 
|r to partial cover 

p/ihen cover degrades while your soldiers are r 

i, using It, you'll see the soldiers' cover shields '• _ 

■slowly drain to black (©), '— ^ —(j) 

: Black shields mean the cover only offers .....^.^^^J^Siimm 

partial protection— it's better than no cover, -■ " ■■'■" '" 
\ but not by much. The draining shields give 

I you an indication of how long that cover , 

^object will last. t 

f Naturally, some objects last longer than others. A refrigerator lasts 
:' quite a while as a cover object because It's heavy porcelain and 
metal. A sofa, on the other hand, only lasts a few seconds. Choose 
. your cover carefully! 


When you press and hold the .■ button, the 
Soldier Selector on the HUD changes to the 
Grenade Selector {©). 

Using the Grenade Selector, you can Issue 
i|iree kinds of grenade orders as well as 
■Indirect fire. 


i The M67 Frag Grenade does damage In a radius around its point of 
; explosion. Frag grenades are automatically selected when you bring 
, up the Grenade Selector, or you can choose them by pressing ♦ on 
fthe D-pad. 

b command a soldier to throw a frag grenade, use the left ' 

liumbstick to aim the visible arc so that it ends on the spot whe 
Iju would like the grenade to land. If the arc is red, the ctestinati^ 
'■hiay be too close to your team, so be careful! When you have the 
aimed correctly, press the button to issue the order. : 

IUI203 Grenades 

The M203 Grenade is a direct fire weapon and does damage on a? 

single target at its point of explosion. To select the M203, bring uf 

grenade selector as you normally would by pressing and holdlng.1 

button. Press ♦ on the D-pad to select the M203. ;, 

You will have a new cursor Indicating you have selected the M20; 
Use the left thumbsttck to move the cursor over the target. You ci 
also zoom in with the left trigger, when you're ready to issue the; 
order, press the button. 

Smoke Grenades 

The Smoke Grenade is used to conceal your team from hostiles. | 
Deploy it when you need to traverse open or enemy controlled teri 
To select the smote grenade, bring up the grenade selector by pre? 
and holding the Button. Press *■ on the D-pad to select Smoke. | 

To command a soldier to throw a smoke grenade, use the left -^ 
thumbstick to aim the visitile arc so that it ends on the spot wher^ 
you would like the grenade to land, when you have the arc aimed 
correctly, press the button to issue the order. s 

Indirect Fire 1 

When available. Indirect Fire is used to defeat enemies such as *~" 
heavy armor. Most Indirect Fire is bandied by air strilces or mortar 
strikes. TO use Indirect Fire you must first indicate the target's position. 
Press and hold the button, just as if you were throwing a grenade, 
press ♦ on the D-pad grenade selector to choose Indirect fire. 

Use your left thumbstick to place the cursor over the target. ,, 

When you've got a valid target, the cursor turns green. Press the ; 

button to upload the coordinates to the gunship or mortar team, ] 

then stand back! I 

Holding the D trigger not only displays the fog of war— it also lets j 
you issue Individual fire orders. When you press the ; button to op| 
a fire sector while still holding the Q trigger you're giving that firej 
|j|tor only to the currently selected soldier. If you select a differenf 
^|ter while in individual mode, the camera stays with the currentj 

Giving an individuaTflre order lets you split your team's fire, if you 
have two enemies who are too far apart to fit inside a single fire 
sector, you can use individual fire orders to engage both enemies 
with a single team. Issue a team fire sector on one enemy, then 
give your Automatic Rifleman an individual fire order on the other 
enemy The AR can engage an enemy by himself. 

Team Leader Tools 

Each Team Leader has two tools that give him information about t... 
mission and the city surroundings. J 

Reporting with the Radio 

The radio pack lets Team Leaders communicate with Lt. Phillips, yot 
platoon's leader. While some reporting happens automatically at sa', 
points and in cinemas, you can also press the • button to report in 
at any time. Lt. Phillips can give you advice about the best way to 
. proceed toward your objective. 

At times, Lt. Phillips will call you on the radio to give you information 
or new objectives. When he's expecting you to report in, the red ligh 
on the radio pack will blink, and you'li hear him on the radio. Press tl 
■■'^jtton and your Team Leader will contact the Lieutenant for you^^ 


Get your Team Leader safely behind cover or he will be unable to 
complete his report. 

le Global Positioning System 

lUrTeam Leader also carries a Global Positioning System receiver ■ 
.(at lets him access satellite data about the current area. Pressing 
the O button orders your Team Leader to consult the Global . J 
Bpsitioning System, which has several functions. i 

City Map 

The default screen of the Global 
■T Positioning System is the city ma 
_™. -vssti i with a detailed view of several bic 

||j ■ a rou nd the Team Leader. Your two — ^ 
*' teams are marl<ed on the map with 
-• A and B icons, and the current Team 
Leader's field of view is displayed as a 
. I green cone, 5' 

,his screen shows any enemies currently in view of either team. 1 
CASEVACs, objectives and save points are also marked with icons • 
matching their in-game appearance. i 

Objective Screen 

Pressing the button while the Global Positioning System is j 
open displays the objective screen, which has information about:] 
the overall otyective for the current chapter, as well as the | 
most current objective. J 


pressing the button while the Global Positioning System is open 4 
calls in a recon flight, tf a flight is available, the pilot will confirm hj 
approach. As she passes overhead, she'll mark enemies she spotl 
your Global Positioning System and let you know if enemy preser| 
is heavy or light. You can't call in a recon flight too frequently, so| 
don't waste It. ^| 



use the Global Po'Sitfontrtg System to find a way to flank enemies. 
The map shows you alleys and other routes you can use to find an 
angle on enemies behind coven 

Saving your Progress 

AS you move through the city, your team will reach breaks in the | 
action where they consider it safe to report a situation report, or sit 
""1. You'll see the sit-rep symbol when it's safe to report in. Be sure 
iake these opportunities when they arise, because your soldiers^ 
Hiey encounter additiona! enemies. I 

i(?e the Lieutenant a sit-rep and save > 

I --''" "your progress, watch for the sit-rep symbdj 

© ! (O). Lt. Phillips will also teil you when a sit| 

: rep is available. Bring both teams to the sitj 

> rep area, and your team leader .; 

, Hwill automatically call it in, | 

You can save and replay your game progress, similar to playing | 
back a movie you just recorded onto a VCR. To save a replay, press ^ 
the Start button and choose save Replay from the menu, you can | 
select a name for the replay, or leave the default name. Replays arej 
aiso automatically saved each time you save a sit-rep. | 

When you choose a level to play, you can choose to view the repla^ 
instead, You can also load a saved replay by going to the Extra | 
Content menu, then into the saved Replays area. | 

When you choose to view a replay, you watch the game play as it | 
was originally recorded. You can press the button to pause or pl| 
the action, and you can press O to fast forward, if you press the O si 
button during the replay, you can choose to Jump into Replay, whic| 
lets you pick up the action from that point. 4 


When a soldier is shot, he may be incapacitated. When this happen^ 
a skull icon will appear in his slot on the D-pad. You have a limited i| 
time in which you can give field aid to the wounded soldier before i 
Hj ^ies, indicated by the skuil icon losing color If you don't give aid;| 
n to the soldier before the time runs out, he | 
e. and you will fail your mission. The U| 
lias zero tolerance for casualties! 1 

b give aid to a soldier and pick him up, plac^ 

BtBMvement cursor over the soldier's bod| 

iground. You wil! see the CASEVAC icoj 

pich IS a cross symbol {&]. A soldier on your team will aid the sou 
Id then pick him up. Note that your team can still come under fire*' 
Rile aiding a soldier— the safest approach is to have the other team 
)ep enemies suppressed. j 

flee your team has aided and picked up the wounded soldier, 9— 
|u can carry him to a CASEVAC station for treatment. The closest 
i^SEVAC will be marked on your compass with a cross icon. You will 
he a cross icon in the world when you reach the CASEVAC. Place the 
tovement cursor in the red circle and press the button to order 
ieatment for your soldier A medic wilt aid the soldier, who will then 
me back onto your team, if you bring back a soldier from Alpha^ 
ith Bravo team or vice versa, the soldier will wait at the fl 

CASEVAC for his team , fl 

■•fpu can also resupply with ammo at a CASEVAC. Place the " ■ 
jovement cursor inside a CASEVAC's red circle then press the 

' button. When the team arrives, a soldier will resupply the ._» 

jam's ammo automatically fl 

Profiles ^ 

YOU must create a profile before playing the game. Profiles are 
-^ser-defined, custom settings and saved games. To create or delete 
Bprofile, simply go into the profile menu from the main menu. If you 
pi not have a profile created, the game will automatically prompt you 
mcreate one. You can custom name your profile or simpiy leave it as 
pfault". Any settings or gameptay changes you make will be saved 
pthe selected profile, 


Deleting the Profile save from the xbox Dashboard will cause ALL 
saves and replays to become damaged. These damaged saves and 
replays will be deleted once within the game. Also, if an individual 
game save is deleted from the Xbox Dashboard, the other game 
saves that are part of the same timeline will become damaged and 
will be deleted, once within the game. 

eep your sQldieriq|gD|jH|piwill incur a Mis 

astain more than one Injured soldier, kill a friendly unit like a mei , 

F let a soldier on your team die. v* 

Xbox Live is an on-line high-speed or broadband internet gaming i 
community. By joining Xbox Live, you can create your own permane 
gamer identity; maintain a Friends List with other players, send and i 
receive Invitations to join multiplayer games, and talk to other playe 
in real-time as you play j 

Connecting to Xbox Live" 

Xbox Live gives you access to the latest downloadable content for | 
Full Spectrum Warrior and allows you to play co-operative missions 
with other Xbox Live gamers. Before you can connect to xbox Live, '■- 
connect your xbox game console to a direct or shared high-speed/ '; 
broadband internet connection and sign up for the Xbox Live service 
TO find out if Xbox Live is available in your area and for help on 
connecting to xbox Live, go to and select' 
your country, If you need technical support, go to 
live or call (800) 4MY-XB0X. 

Fall Spectrum Warrior Downloadable Content 

stay up to date on the latest FuU Spectrum warrior Intel by 
subscribing to Xbox Live. As an xbox L;Ve subscriber, you can 
download the latest content for Full spectrum Warrior to your Xbox 
console as It becomes available, 

To view available downloadable content for Full Spectrum warrior, ; 
choose Extra content from the Main Menu, then select Content ;< 
Download. You are automatically taken to the Xbox Live Content 
Downloader to search for and download new content for Full 
Spectrum Warrior 

Co-operative Play 

Full Spectrum Warrior allows squad leaders to pair up and engage in 
Ijoint military operations, in co-operative mode the task of leading the 
leight man. squad is divided between two squad leaders, each assigned 
fe fire team of four men. The ability to give orders to both fire teams 
is suspended, instead, fire team leaders must learn to coordinate 
actions, divide responsibility for the squad's safety, and work co- 
operatively to achieve the mission goals. This is further facilitated by 
the use of voice communicatioh via the Xbox communicator 

Voice Conununication 

Using the Xfaox Communicator, you can speak with the other fire team 
leader during co-op play to coordinate and plan your maneuvers in real- 
time, see the Instructions that came with your Xbox Commtinicator for 
more information on using voice communication with Xbox Live. 

Signing on to Xbox Live™ 

Before you can deploy into a co-operative mission on Xbox Live, first 
select an Xbox Live account by choosing Xbox Live from the Main 
Menu, then choose select Account. If no Live accounts exist on your [ 
Xbox console, choose New Account. You will be taken to the xbox 
Live Dashboard and walked through the account creation process, .s 

The next time you play Full Spectrum Warrior, co-operative piay will :. 
always default to the last used xbox Live account. You do not need to 
return to the Xbox Live menu unless you wish to choose a different 
M.ive account or make changes to an existing account. ja 

Xbox Live^ Menu 

when you sign on to xbox Live, you are taken to the Xbox Live menu <; 
and presented with several choices: , ,,^ 

Create Game 

Create and host a co-op game. ^H^l 

Quick Match 

Find a co-op partner Immediately and jump !■ 
straight into the action. »• 


Find co-op games that match your specific 
preferences, such as favorite chapter 

My Xbox Live" 

Manage Friends List, Recent Players, and 
trade saved replays. 

Sign Out 

Quit the current game session and log out 
from Xbox UVe. 

Create Game 

To host your own co-op session, seiect Create Game from the Xbox 
Live menu. You can unlock other chapters for hosting by completing 

them in the single player campaign. You can join a co-op game thai 
uses any chapten regardless of chapters completed in so!o mode, 'i 

tloy Go to the Lobby and wait for a player to joj 

your hosted game. | 

Change Mission 

Public Game 

Change the mission and save point wher^ 
you wish to begin your co-op session. 

Allows the user toggle between Public or i 
Private games. 

Quick Matcb & OptiMatch 

Quick Match games allow squad leaders to deploy immediately into i 
available game based on your default Quick Match settings. OptiMatcl 
allows you to set personal preferences like favorite chapter ^ 

When playing either Quick Match or OptiMatch co-op games, the gd, 
is to work together with your teammate to accomplish the miss ion;! 
objectives and get your squad out alive. | 

In co-op mode, each player is assigned a single fire team to lead. 3 
Unlike the single player mode, you cannot switch between Alpha art 
Bravo and cannot issue orders to both Fire Teams. The player hostifl 
the co-op game is automatically assigned to Alpha Team, while the-^' 
joining player controls Bravo. ' 

Chapter Selection | 

Co-Op mode uses the same chapters and missions from the solo 4 

campaign. You will find that playing alongside another human fire \ 

team leader is a wholly unique tactical experience, completing a | 

chapter In co-op mode will require a different level of discipline, ; 

communication, and tactical thinking, since you're relying on your .1 

partner to provide cover and work together as a team. I 

Saving & Continuing in Co-Op Games ! 

,; During co-op play If you and your fellow fire team leader successful! 

complete the mission goals without losing any men, you can contini^ 
ii|^o the next chapter in the narrative, in fact, it's possible to play i 

■"ugh the entire solo campaign in co-op model 1 

Saving a Co-op Game | 

save points in Full Spectrum Warrior co-op mode work exactly the I 
same as they do in solo mode. Activating a save point in the game 3 

brld creates a save game file on your xbox console. If you quit 
! a co-op game in progress, you can return to the !ast activatec! ■ 
ive point simply by choosing Play from the Main Menu, then co-op 
;ampaign. Your last activated save point in co-op mode is already 
selected by default to continue. 

My Xbox Live | 

The My xbox Live Menu has three available choices: ;| 

Friends List invite friends to play on-line and accept | 

invitations to join other players' Friends ^ 

Recent Players View a list of recent co-op teammates, | 

s.. send invitations to join your Friend's Ust| 

|v. , and provide feedback, and choose to | 

mute or un-mute another user. i 

Trade saved replays with other on-line | 

players. The "trade" icon will appear on ,| 

I screen when your teammate wants to tr| 

r. a replay with you. 1 

Xbox Live" Options 

To change preferences and options for Co-Op play, select Options 
from the Main Menu, then Xbox Live. 

You will see the following options: • 

Appear online 

voice through TV 

Voice Mask 

Shows or hides your presence on Xbox ift 
to other players on your Friends List. 

Lets you toggle between hearing the voice 
of other players via the xbox communicator 
headset or your television speakers. 

Digitally alters your actual voice over th^' 
Xbox communicator. 'J 

SO cal— Short for .50 caliber emplaced heavy machine gun 

AA Team— Soldiers equipped with anti-armor weaponry such as ; 
demolition charges 

AH-6J— The U.S. Army's only light assault helicopter, used primarily , 
for special forces operations, as well as insertion/extraction and ; 
regan and surveillance operations. ; 

, -Automatic Rifleman 

BMP— the Boyevaya Mashina Pyekhota is the Soviet equivalent of ti 
U.S. Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, designed to transport enemy 
troops and to provide support for dismounted enemy infantry teams, 
Usually seen in zekistan armed with a heavy machine gun. | 

Bounding Overwatch— A movement order that splits the fire 
team into pairs, with the first pair moving cautiously with eyes 
sighted while the second pair provides cover. Once arriving at their 
destination, the pairs switch roles until the fire team is regrouped at,_ 
the new destination. f 

Bradley— The Bradley infantry Fighting Vehicle transports infantry on 
the battlefield and provides cover fire to dismounted troops and to 
suppress enemy armor and fighting vehicles. | 

CASEVAC— Casualty Evacuation. A designated safe area to heal 
wounded soldiers and replenish a team's ammunition. 

Charlie 90— Designated in-game nomenclature for the player's squad 

Charlie 32— Designated in-game nomenclature for the Platoon Leader 

Charlie Team— Designated in-game nomenclature for any user I' 
controlled 3rd asset or team . • -J 


(I— corporal :^ 

|fe Sector— An imaginary cone-shaped boundary designated to a 
p team in whicli to concentrate fire, usually to provide cover or , 
Oppression fire on a known enemy position. I 

Kendlies— Civilian or military forces in a combat zone that are 
Apathetic to the U.S. or its allies. 

- . I 

HGrenadier -^ 


piping Hands— Independent organization of medical personnel 

&o lend their assistance in war zones. ^ 

Itars- Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, carried on" 
lumbo jet, funded by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. A long- 
|ige, air-to-ground surveillance system designed to locate, classify 
Id track ground targets in ail weather conditions. 

11025- Armored Personnel Carrier I 

03— Rifle-mounted grenade launcher used by the U.S. Army ■ 

..167— U.S. Army fragmentation grenade 

Magazine— A smalf, detachable box that holds cartridges and fee 
them into the firing chamber of a firearm. 

MOUT—MilitaFy Operations urban Terrain 

klO- North Atiantic Treaty Organization 


On station— Term often used by helicopter pilots when they are ii 
the area and ready to assist ground units. t 

OPFOR— Opposing Force. Designation for enemy. j 

PFC—Private First Class i ^- - — — j 

■^Pl^Platoon Leader -'j^, 


R— Rifleman *«, ^. , 

■ igers— U.S. Army Rangers: Elite "" ,./ 

ilitary force of the U.S. Army who .. 
take on speciat missions. ,f 

Recon— Abbreviation for Reconnaissan( 

chopper flights, ordered while in Global i — ___,„ _,_,._ 

RPG— Rocket Propelled Grenade. A light, man-portable dumb-fire j 
weapon used extensively throughout the Middle East in gueriila | 
attacks, usualiy of Soviet origin, against armor and personnel alike.-?' 

SAW— Squad Automatic weapon % 

Sgt— Sergeant 

Sit Rep— Situational Report, in Full spectrum Warrior, designated .■■ 
save areas. 'I 

stinger— U.S. man-portable ground-to-air missiles I 

Suppression Fire— A military tactic where large volumes of gunfiri 
■ are focused on an enemy position in order to keep the enemy pinn; 
: down and unable to return fire, usually used to allow another team; 

the opportunity to maneuver or retreat safely ;3 

Tango— Slang term for enemy, often vocalized by soldiers when an' 
enemy is spotted ] 

Technical/Technical vehicle— Civilian vehicle used as improvised i 
mobile heavy weapons platform >| 

TL— Team Leader ^ 

UH-60 A— U.S. Army troop transport helicopter I 

. ZLF— Zekistan Liberation Front .;' 

Basic Commands 

0— Activates Soldier iviovement Cursor 1 

©—camera Control | 

D-pad—Seiect individual soldiers ": 

Button— Issue Command 

• Witti the movement cursor out 

• Tapping Button issues a rush order 

• Pressing and holding Button issues a bound order 5 

• With the fire cursor open i 

• Tapping Button issues a point fire order ,:' 

• Pressirig and holding Button issues a suppression fire order I 
Button i 

• Tap Button— Toggle Firing Cursor ;i 

• Press and Hold Button— Toggle Grenades i 

• ©—Changes Location of Grenade 

• D-pad ♦—Air Strikes and Mortar Strikes 'i 

• D-pad ♦—Frag Grenades | 

• D-pad *— Smotte Grenades i 

• D-pad ♦-~M203 Grenades J 
o Button 

• Tap o button to cycle between Alpha and Bravo 3 

• Press and Hold O biitton if you have a Charlie unit to cycle between CI 
and Alpha 


• Tap Button— Cancel any command issued 

• Press and Hotd Button— Order Soldiers to seek cover 

• Button— Call in a report, receive an objective, or get helpful hints J 
O Button— Opens and Closes the GPS I 

• Button— Request Recon j 

• O Button— Help i 

• Button— Objectives and Hints 

• Button— Exit GPS I 
a Trigger— Camera Zoom ■ 
El Trigger— Activate Fog of wa' 
o Button— Menu / Pause Garni 

Game Symbols 

A location to hea! downed soldiers and resupply ammo 
The current goal the squad is trying to reach 
An area designated as a save point 

JS Character is in full non degrading cover 

y Character is in degrading cover 

If OPFOR has been pinned by suppression 

I OPFOR is engaged and being l«ept busy 

P OPFOR is out of cover 

f OPFOR has been killed 

1 OPFOR status unknown